Kuper DMX expansion card

Kuper KMX Expansion Card front view

DMX is a great way to control lights, and if you have a Kuper 2001 card, you already know this.

But what if you need more than 16 channels? Or what if you have a K48 card or a KuperLite card?

Well, this is the answer. Now you can retrofit your Kuper system with 48 DMX channels.

This card adds output channels using the Kuper DAC feature. The card mimics the format of the old DA-720 digital-to-analog converter card from RTD. This is the card that is often used to control analog dimmers from inside Kuper.

Kuper RTMC software already has the capability to interface with these cards, so no additional software is necessary.

Using this card, any Kuper channel you're not using as a motor channel can be output as DMX, so in theory, you can have up to 48 DMX channels in one machine.

Additionally, the card features optional exponential correction to make programming easier. In this mode, the card "precompensates" the transmitted DMX data to produce a more linear response from incandescent lamps, increasing the amount of dimming range available and reducing programming time.

The card is provided with a simple utility program which will run in the DOS environment found on Kuper machines. While useful for debug, it also allows lighting personnel to do setup and tweaking work without tying up a Kuper operator at the computer.