Kuper Still Camera Trigger Box

"I want one."

-- John Ashlee, Director of Photography

Kuper Still Camera Trigger front view

Finally, a practical way to control a still camera from a motion control system!

This box allows you to interface just about any still camera, SLR or industrial, to a Kuper, and use all the various motion control shooting modes, including continuous motion passes, go-motion animation, exposure ramping and foreground/background work with different exposures.

Additional outputs allow you to trigger secondary equipment like framestores or video capture systems.


Please note: Most users will have no problem connecting this box to their still cameras. For typical applications, a remote release cable appropriate for the camera is modified to connect to the box, and the camera is triggered by a relay closure.

For applications where the camera is mounted on a large motion control rig with high voltage motors, or similar situations where there is a large amount of electrical noise in the area, enough noise may be coupled into a long release cable to introduce triggering problems. For situations like this, we are happy to help you with an opto-isolated release.

Prices vary, since the cables are different for each camera.