Kuper triggerbits to DMX adapter (DMXatron)

"OK, now that's a neat little gizmo."

-- Pete Kozachick, Director of Photography

HiDef Sync Separator front view

If you shoot animation, you know what Kuper triggerbits are. And at some point, you've probably built a relay box in order to use them.

But relay boxes, or "blinkatrons" to the initiated, tend to be clunky. They're tough to use with big cyc's, and switching your lights on and off constantly is a great way to guarantee that at least one lamp will pop at an inopportune moment.

This DMX adapter allows you to use the off-the-shelf DMX dimmers which you probably already have instead of building custom relay boxes. You can easily and inexpensively add dimmers to make lightbanks as big as you need.

And, best of all, the microcontroller inside is smart enough to ramp the lights up and down, dramatically extending lamp life, an important consideration for lamps inside miniatures and props.