Hi-Def Sync Separator

"SMPTE originally defined 11 video standards, which we in the production community promptly whittled down to only 49."

-- John Johns, video engineer

HiDef Sync Separator front view

Now you can now use "legacy" motion control and film synchronizing equipment with modern HDTV cameras and monitors providing Tri-Level sync signals.

The FWI Hi-Def sync box generates a film-camera type sync signal from sources using the following video standards:

Tri-Level Formats (Y/Pb/Pr or sync)

Bi-Level Formats

VGA Formats

HiDef Sync Separator rear view

Other features:

Universal 100-240V power supply for operation anywhere (a DC 12V or 24V version is available as an option).

Video inputs and sync outputs are isolated from power, ground, and each other to minimize ground loop issues (the VGA shell is grounded).

We can customize the output signals for one-of-a-kind applications.

Comes in a durable, extruded aluminum enclosure (about 5 x 4 x 2 1/2"). And, if you really want it in your company colors, with your company logo, we can do that too.

Starting at $400, in stock now.

* A note about Macrovison encoded material: Like all professional video products, this box needs a clean sync signal and may not maintain sync lock when fed with a Macrovision encoded signal since the Macrovison process purposely degrades the sync signal to prevent proper sync lock to deter copying.