Welcome to Flying Wombat Industries!

Where we've been building technical stuff for the visual effects side of the film and video world since 1992.

Usually, because we're on a project and need something that doesn't exist.


FWI is owned by an experienced motion control operator, who also happens to be an electrical engineer, and we all know what happens when you tell an engineer you can't have one - there is no such thing.

If you've ever read Dilbert, you know that's like waving a red cape in front of a bull, in this case a somewhat smallish bull with a soldering iron and a milling machine.

Coming soon - The Kitchen Sync!

The Kitchen Sync image

The Kitchen Sync is a versatile sync generator and tester that generates a variety of phase-accurate signals for sychronizing cameras, 3D rigs, and motion control systems with each other.

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Featured product

Kuper Still Camera Trigger Box

Kuper Still Camera Trigger Box

Allows you to interface just about any still camera, SLR or industrial, to a Kuper and use all the various motion control shooting modes. Details